PrairieRose Consulting Graphic Design & Electronics

What we do?

Web Design and Maintenance


Computer Repair  & Networking

Electronics Troubleshooting

Personal Service


Rosie has 10 plus years of experience in developing websites for small communities, churches, and businesses. She specializes in maintaining websites for small communities and small businesses that need regular updates. She has an Associates degree in Computer Graphics Technology and additional education and experience in marketing and advertising. Photography, photo editing & manipulation, catalogs, logos, video editing and art are also services that she provides.


Mitch has 30 plus years of electronic & computer trouble shooting experience, starting with his years in the Navy and 10 years of TV & VCR repair and 14 plus years of working as a computer technician for a manufacturer. He has Associates Degree in Electronic Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering, a Masters in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Quantum Mathematics.


Mitch also tutors students in Math.


PrairieRose Consulting Graphic Design & Electronics
PrairieRose Consulting Graphic Design & Electronics